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Average eBay Price Tool (exe)

Average eBay Price ToolThis is a simple tool that I’ve built using Ubot Studio. I use it at work constantly inventorying used auto parts at Powerline Auto Recyclers and it’s invaluable to me, so I figured I’d put it up on the internet and maybe it can help somebody else as well.

Use this tool to find the average price of an auto part on eBay. Enter the make and model of the vehicle and the name of the part, set search filters to narrow results to your specifications.


By the way, if you’ve never used a Ubot Studio exe file before, don’t be alarmed if it sets off anti-virus at first. There’s a simple explanation for this, anti-virus companies begin to “trust” a file as more and more people approve of it. Seeing as I’m the only person that uses this application, I doubt they have a very significant signature for it and know whether or not it’s trustworthy. It is. Another thing if you have never used a Ubot Studio exe file before, don’t be alarmed when it starts retrieving support files, Ubot apps require a set of files that tells your computer what to do with the .exe once it’s open (ie, the Ubot browser).

What is it?

Quite simple, really. As I said, I inventory auto parts, so that is what it’s geared towards, although I imagine you could use it to price just about anything on eBay. Say you’re looking for the price of a used alternator from a 2005 Nissan 350Z… Just type in “2005 Nissan 350Z” into the “Vehicle Make/Model” field, then type “alternator” into the “Part Name” field. Then just click the button, “Check Part Average Price.” It will search eBay for that part, and return the high, low and average prices for that item.

It does take a second to return the correct result, Ubot is not quite as efficient at filtering through lists as a program built in Visual Studio for example, which can return a filtered list in a split second.. But it’s very easy to work with and faster than me at averaging 200 prices. I’ve also got a grand total of about 2 hours into making this tool, and over the past year or more I’ve been using it, it’s easily saved me more than that.

Just think, your time invested is as long as it took you to read to this point. 🙂

Is that all?

Not really… I’m quite obsessive compulsive about (most) everything that I create, it needs to function as intended and then function even more.. And look nice. While I have no control over the Ubot GUI, well I do, but I’m not inclined to create a full custom GUI for something like this and the one it has works fine, I think… The functionality is all there. It’s basically a glorified eBay URL constructor allowing you to show active, completed, sold and returnable listings (eBay “Show Only” search filter). It also lets you select the conditions used, new and not specified (“Condition” filter) as well as the Format filter (all, new, used) and Free Shipping.

A couple of more nice features… If you need to use the actual eBay search filters on the results page, say you want to click on More Refinements and narrow results even further, you can do that and then click “Check Page Average Price,” this will average the prices on any eBay results page you take it to. Another nice thing, you don’t have to keep typing in the “Part Name” every time you modify a search filter. For instance, say you got the average price of the Nissan starter I mentioned earlier, but you wanted to check new prices as well, just select “New” from the “Condition” menu and click “Check Part Average Price.” It will always remember the part you are currently working on… Well, it doesn’t “remember” it as much as it scrapes it from the eBay search term field.

By the way, I’ve also added the .ubot source file so you can modify this tool at your own liesure, also if you don’t trust .exe downloads, you can pilfer through the source before you use it. If you don’t have Ubot Studio, you can pick it up at www.crackedseotools.com and with their version, you can compile your .ubot files with Compiling Ubot Files Outside of Ubot S.

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