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Compiling Ubot Files Outside of Ubot Studio (exe)

Ubot Compiler from Pseudobit

I said in a previous post that I would link to the download for the Ubot compiler that I use. If you are familiar with Ubot Studio, you surely know how buggy it can be when running bots in the program itself. It likes to skip steps, duplicate steps and simply freeze and crash with larger bots. That can usually be solved by compiling your bot and running the compiled EXE instead of running the code from within the program. However, that can be a problem if you’re using a version of the program that’s.. Let’s say, less than legitimate.

Compiling Ubot Files

Use this standalone program to compile all of your Ubot files with developer options like "Remove Branding." Works great even on cracked versions of Ubot Studio.

Getting your hands on a legitimate copy of the software used to be fairly easy, the world can thank me for ruining that for everybody. See, a couple of years ago when I first heard of Ubot Studio, they offered a 30-day trial for $1 which would also allow you to become a forum member. So what did I do, being the crafty (shady) bastard that I am? Of course, I found the license file (in the %appdata%/Roaming/Ubot Studio folder, license.txt) and started making “free” bots and “contributing” them to the forums along with the Ubot code file. These bots would do anything from creating domain names or email accounts to fairly complex licensing solutions to protect Ubot coders’ tools from pirates (ironic, eh?). What I forgot to tell them, is that if they ran the compiled version, it would email their license.txt file to me.

Ubot Studio DevThat got me access to many different licenses from basic to developer. It was discovered by the admins and got me booted from the forums also… It got me an email from my web host that their admin tried to hack into my server and email accounts as well (so it’s to be determined who’s the shadiest of all). Anyhow, that left me with only cracked versions of Ubot Studio, which of course never have the compiling function and I was stuck running everything from within the software. There are people with licenses that will compile your code for you.. Of course, they want $5-6 per compiled EXE file, which is steep for me considering I use Ubot Studio for absolutely everything. It’s a great tool.

Well, a crack for Ubot Studio 5 was released some time ago. Turned out it didn’t work, lots of features were missing and for me, it wouldn’t set or store variables (they don’t even show up in my debugger). However, there was a hidden gem in that zip archive, which was titled “UbotCompilerGUI.exe” (from pseudobit) which I opened and was pleased to find it will compile Ubot files with the Developer level functionality such as removing Ubot branding, hiding the run bar, hiding the browser and hiding the nav (URL) bar. And it worked! All you have to do is open the compiler EXE and drop your saved Ubot file into the window, it will pop up a Save As dialog and voila, unbranded and compiled Ubot programs.

This tool works great with the cracked Ubot Studio v4 available at, which is quite a bit behind the latest version, but is still very capable of doing most tasks so long as you’re good with Ubot development. So, hopefully this saves you a few bucks each time you want to compile your Ubot files… Hopefully it was a fun story for you, too as it was great fun playing on the Ubot forums. Hi, Eddie. 🙂

14 Responses to Compiling Ubot Files Outside of Ubot Studio (exe)

  1. Zaghul says:

    Could u plz confirm that this works?
    I downloaded and ran drag the save UBot project.
    It made a .exe file with no icon!
    I click on it a page with toolbar and a browser in the middle came up. But when i click Start, nothing happens!

    • admin says:

      I use this app all the time with Ubot files, make sure you select all the right settings (you’re not hiding the controls). I’ve also had it occasionally screw up, try creating the EXE again. Are you able to open the Ubot file in Ubot Studio?

      • Zaghul says:

        What version do u have?
        I’ve 4.2.
        I can’t afford buying it. I’ve the one CST offers(Cracked).
        There’s a v5.0.5 on forums (they claim it’s cracked) , i’m not sure that it work. downloaded, opened seemed to be buggy.

      • Hustler says:

        I’ve also tried this for a few hours, and it doesn’t work. It generates a .exe but when you click on start nothing happens, very annoying. Can’t find anything else that works.

        • admin says:

          I have been using this compiler for 2 years, it’s never let me down. I used it just a couple days ago.. Not sure what’s wrong.

  2. josh says:

    i want to create a portable browser with but the browser needs to have hide some stuff like settings etc, how can i do this with ubot?

    • admin says:

      What are you trying to hide? Ubot can do some really awesome things if you are good with it and use its features to their most.

  3. Hustler says:

    Please admin either update the compiler or share your version of the cracked ubot.

  4. tumble guy says:

    Can you send me the 4 versions crack? Is that working currently?
    CST is closed.

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