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One of my favorite sites and one that all internet marketers and SEO’s should know about is, if you’ve ever purchased SEO software, you probably know how hard it can be to find the right ones for you. Over the years, I have probably spent thousands in SEO software licenses including Xrumer twice, which were both revoked by the developer without notice.

CST is the single best resource for marketing software that I have come across. Exclusive releases like Ubot Studio and Scrapebox set them apart from any others I have used. Logo

Now I don’t purchase any of these tools, I know some people are saying, “but that’s not showing support for the developer.” You’d be correct in that assumption, it’s not; and I’m OK with that. But we’re straying away from a point that I will most likely cover in future posts on this site. For now, let’s focus on the topic at hand.

CrackedSEOTools (CST) is a collection of SEO and IM related tools that are cracked and updated by a small (single person?) team. I have tried other services and they are very fly-by-night and unreliable for the most part. Some black hat SEO forums offer cracks and loaded VPS services, but they are usually copies of cracks from the reliable sources. The first reliable source I found was IMNuke, which is now gone, it was manageable, I believe $5-15/month and the cracks were made by the forum administrator, Moshe. However, one day they shut down and their cracks never worked again.

That’s when I found CST, the first thing I did was reach out to the administrator, which was very easy and fast. The guy is very nice, happy to accept requests and very informative. The cost is one-time and has been the same $79.99 for years now. This will allow you to run their tools on up to 3 systems (I actually negotiated paying two subscriptions and he gave me up to 15 systems).

They also have the largest selection of SEO tools that I have come across for a crack site (or SEO VPS service for that matter), at the time of writing this article, their list is as follows:

CrackdSEOTools List - (Expand)

Article Scrape Chief 2.7
Article Kevo 1.7.1
Article Rewriter Wizard
Articles Rewrite Assistant
Article Submitter Plus 1.1.4
Article Marketing Robot
Content Spiffer 1.4.2
CurationSoft 3.35
Get Article Pro
Instant Article Wizard 3.21
Juicy Titles 1.1
Kontent Machine
Kudani 0.1.24
Spinner Chief 2 Elite v5.2
Spinner Chief 3 8.3.0
Wicked Article Creator 3.7
X-Spinner 3.0

Blog Profit Pro
Content Curation Plugin 4.09
Digi Auto links
Digi Launch Pad
Digi List Builder
Digi Social Squeeze
Hybrid Connect 2.53
Page One Curator v1.3.7
WP Robot 4.10

Keyword Chief 2.4
Keyword Extreme
KeywordMap Pro 1.75
Keywords Jeet
Keyword Mass 1.10
Keyword Scout
Long Tail Pro Platinum 2.4.40

Social Network
6Sec Blaster 1.03
Bleupage Pro 1.3.320
FanPage Blaster 1.14
FB Power Lead Pro
FB Creator 4.0
FBLeadChef 3.0
FB Graph Beast 1.8
Hummingbird Redux
Income Jacker
Pinranker Pro 4.7.49
Pin Blaster Exclusive Edition 2.17
Mass Video Blaster Pro 1.80
Ninja Pinner
Social Lead Freak 3.1.1
Social Lead Gold
Tee Inspector
Traffic Jeet 2
Tweet Attacks Pro 3 (
Twitter Account Manager
Tweet Adder 4.1.140610
Tumbling Jazz 1.324
Tube Detective 1.1.5
TubeRank Jeet
Tweet Demon 1.79
Youtube Rank Calculator
Market Samurai 0.93.39
SEO/Link Building
Accounts Dominator
All In One SEO Pack Pro 2.2.6
Answer Analyst 1.52
Answer Assault v2.0.1.0
Answer Swipe
Answereye Ultimate 5.4.0
Arbitrage Underdog Pro 3.1.3
Authority Spy Platinum 1.1.5
Backlink Beast 1.0.49
BlackBulkMail 1.2.7
Bot Chief 2.7.0
Captcha Sniper X4.9
CPA Blaster 2.10
Email Sender Deluxe 2.35
Footprint Factory Pro
Gig Prospector 2.0.4
Guest Poster PRO
Hotmail/AOL/Mailru Account Stream 1.2.20
IBusiness Promoter 12
Local Lead Boss 1.1.1
Localizer Lead Tool 3.5.7
Licorne AIO V3.08
Magic Submitter 3.68
MarketSparkPro 1.04
No Hands SEO
OnlinePRSubmitter 1.1.4
RankBuilder NEO
Rank Leap Pro
Rank Whizz
Proxy Goblin 2.5.9 Rev 1
PPC Prospector 1.5.6
Placemat 1.5.0
PR Powershot
Pure Blogger
Screaming Frog SEO Spider 2.50
Senuke XCR 3.2.48
SEO PowerSuite
SEO Machine Pro
SEO Zen Pro 2.6
Sparkol VideoScribe 2.0.2
Speed PPC 4.5.4
Sick Agent 1.49
SliQ Submitter v3.7.1.0
Scrapebox 1.16.2
Sick Submitter 4.055
Social Rank Jet Suite
Social Backlink Empire Suite Pro
Sweet Submitter 1.3.0
Traffic Launch Pad Pro
Traffic Travis 4
Traffic Mice
TumbleNinja 1.3.2
Turbo Ranker 1.42
Ultimate Niche Finder
Ubot Studio 4
Video Marketing Blaster 1.42
VideoMakerFX 1.05
Video Spin Blaster Pro 2.0.5
Video Vantage 0.2.5
WebHarvy v3.3.0.106
YellaBot GOLD
Zenno Poster Pro

CST Loader

As you can see, they have absolutely everything including Scrapebox, Senuke XCR, Market Samurai, Captcha Sniper, Magic Submitter, SEO Powersuite, Ubot Studio 4, Zenno Poster Pro, Tweet Attacks Pro and everything else you could possibly want. Best of all, they all work and if you find one that doesn’t, they will fix it for you quickly.

Honestly, I only use a few of their tools, but the ones I do make it well worth being a member. My favorite SEO tools are Ubot Studio (even though it’s version 4 and not 5, there is plenty that 4 is capable of), Scrapebox (I actually own a license, but their cracked version does work), Magic Submitter and SEO Powersuite. I can verify that all of these cracks are functional… Their Ubot Studio crack does not allow compiling, but I have a small app that compiles Ubot files.

One thing that you’d think would be worrisome is the fact that it’s a small team, possibly a single person that makes and updates all of these cracks. However, I have been a subscriber since IMnuke officially closed, what, 2-3 years ago? I’ve seen my software stop working maybe twice for an hour or so and that was quickly resolved. Overall, I could not be happier with their selection and service.

Price: 75%

Value: 95%

Support: 90%

Reliability: 95%

By far the best service for SEO tools, I have been with them now since May of 2012 (almost 4 years!!) and have never had an issue. The price can be beaten, but usually they're unreliable, definitely do not have the amount of tools (or frequent updates). The value is second to none, nobody else offers this extensive of a library for the price. Another thing to consider, it's lifetime membership, no $20-30/mo. payments, I would be over $1,200 invested at this point with that type of service and may as well purchase the tools. If you do SEO... TRY THEM!

Total Score 90%

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  1. Mehdi says:

    I’m a member of CST for years and it’s definitely the best place to invest ur money of IM tools.
    Liam (the only team member!!) is a very sweet and nice person.
    Answers and considers every issue ASAP 🙂

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