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SEO Master Consultant Training & Certification

Here I will be adding the video series SEO Master Consultant Training & Certification, this was a popular series a few years back, but its size made it pretty hard to keep alive. I think the videos are still relevant to today’s SEO, as they focus entirely on white hat methods of generating content. There are great tips on copy writing, and if you have a basic understanding of SEO but want to learn more of the in depth functionalities of search engines, this is a great set of videos.

SEO Master Consultant Training & Certification is where I first learned SEO, to be honest I was a bit intimidated as I only knew a tiny bit about it and I viewed it as a completely different profession that would require years of training. Wrong. This course taught me that if you have a basic understanding of web design, perhaps if you operate a website, SEO is simply formatting your website in specific ways that makes reaching and understanding not only your content, but your website’s structure easier for search engines.

Of course, a lot has changed since this series was first released. However, it remains one of the most top notch and thorough SEO training courses that I have found since it doesn’t focus much on changes in search engines as much as how to properly optimize and market a website. This will be an evolving post as more of the series is added…









  1. SEO Fundamentals & Best Practices
    Section 1 Study Guide
  2. Design & Architecture
    Section 2 Study Guide
  3. Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
    Section 3 Study Guide & Exercises
  4. SEO Copywriting & Page Sculpting
    Section 4 Study Guide
  5. Link Building
    Section 5 Study Guide & Assignments
  6. SEO for Local Search
    No materials for section 6.
  7. SEO for Mobile Devices
    Section 7 Study Guide & Exercises
  8. SEO Project Management
    No materials for section 8.
  9. Master Certification
    Essay questions
    Final Project

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